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The UltraSupreme mattress is constructed to give a softer surface and firm support internally. The UltraSupreme uses a pillowtop construction on both sides to give you twice the useable mattress surface as compared to "No Flip" designs. We use 1 1/2 of high density convoluted foam and a double layer of polyester fiber in the top pillow layer to give a softer feel to the mattress compared to the Ultra. Inner tufting holds the internal components in place, then the pillowtop layers are added to the mattress. This is a true pillowtop construction, not the faux pillowtop constructions used by many national manufactures.

Pillow Soft Picture


  • 660 MIRA-COIL™ Spring Unit
  • 15 Ga. Coil Wire
  • Wire Permalators For Long Life
  • Heavy Duty Comfortlast Fiber Insulator Pad
  • Specially Treated Cotton Felt for Comfort And Fire Resistance
  • Inner Tufted Construction
  • 2.6 Lb.High Density Convoluted Foam Pillow Layer
  • Damask Cover Quilted To 18 Oz. Polyester Fiber and 3/8" of Polyurethane Foam
  • Matching Semi-Flex® Boxspring With 4" Extra Wide Slats
  • Prices

    Twin Set $795 Full Set $970 Queen Set $1125 King Set $1498